How To Write An Argumentative Essay: Step-by-Step Guide

Argumentative Essay Guide

School, college and university years are very important for most of the students since they can gain a lot of useful experience and spend all the time learning. However, there are a lot of tasks that are complex for some students. Argumentative essay is among them.

Unfortunately, the culture of debate, tolerance, and the ability to find compromises is still not sufficiently developed in society and school culture. If you were thinking to find someone to “Write My Essay Paper“, firstly read the helpful information below. This guide, on how to write an argumentative essay step-by-step, is designed to help students learn to think flexibly, not “get stuck” on one point of view when faced with a problem. This means that if we cannot accept a different opinion, we can then learn to integrate it into a worldview.

Your essay’s text is intended for the reader to read it; higher requirements will be imposed on it than any oral statement. When creating a text, you are required to:

  • clarity;
  • unfolding;
  • consistency;
  • accuracy;
  • the sequence of presentation;
  • use of logical means, careful selection of language means.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay Without Wasting Much Time

The main problem of almost every student is that they try to find the guide for argumentative essay writing without understanding the meaning of this type of paper. It’s main goal is to explore an in-depth question topic. You have to analyze all the opinions of a certain problem

Now let’s take a look at what are the steps in writing an argumentative essay:

  • Argumentative essay intro.

With an introductory paragraph, you give the right context to highlight position. Also, here you should provide the reader with a quick reference. In the introduction, you set out those basic thoughts that help you understand the point of view. The introduction should end with the central thesis, which will sound statement, which is the reason for this issue’s position.

  • The argumentation of the position.

All the facts provided in this part should strengthen the position. This is the core of the essay. Typically, you start with a general statement, which you then back up with essential details, vivid examples. Depending on the arguments’ length, this part will have one, two paragraphs that should clearly state the position’s reasons, the evidence for them.

  • The objections expected.

An indication of expected objections to submission indicates that you have thoroughly worked through the topic, experienced different points of view. Having this type of information will only make work stronger! Typically, this paragraph comes just before the conclusion.

  • The conclusion.

In conclusion, the essay should come to its logical conclusion. Try to show the reader the problem under discussion in a broader context. Also, in conclusion, you need to reiterate why this problem is essential. To write an argumentative essay, it is enough to adhere to this structure.

Argumentative Essay: Steps to Success

Argumentative writing is reasoning, so the examples you give should support the thesis, develop a thought. You are not competing in the ability to memorize the pieces of the curriculum. It is necessary to show that you can analyze what you have read, embed it inexperience, statement. Let’s take a look at a few argumentative essay steps you shouldn’t take in the essay:

  • Define the topic.

Students often do not reveal a specific topic, but a more general thematic direction, known in advance. Blanks are used. Artificially fitting a topic is a significant risk of getting a bad rating. A large number of factual mistakes: the guys confuse genres, distort the plot, attribute unimaginable characteristics to the heroes. Often, they indicate the title of a work without the author or speak about the hero without even mentioning his name. Experts only have to intuitively guess whether such a book and such a hero exists at all.

  • Avoid of mistakes

The allowed number of mistakes is no more than five per 100 words: spelling, punctuation, and grammatical mistakes. At the same time, there is a hint: during work, it is allowed to use the teacher’s spelling dictionary.

  • Bet on strong argumentation

As for agreement or disagreement with the author’s position and the argumentation of the student’s opinion on the stated problem, not everyone can ethically correct formulating their opinion, citing two arguments based on knowledge and life experience. Student’s proofs sometimes look unconvincing and naive. For example, the text raised the problem of ecology, and the student who defined it (the problem) as “love of nature” says that he agrees with the author, arguing his position as follows: “I often went to the forest in my childhood. I also love nature. “Agree that for a student, arguments like: “My dad (mom, grandmother, grandfather …) and I went to the forest (to the zoo, to the circus, to the cinema …), and I was very interested there” are unacceptable.

  • Find an extraordinary approach

Many students have a formal approach to work. For example, in the first part, where the main reasoning is given, students must develop their thought in detail, consistently on the proposed topic, and then confirm it with a precisely selected argument from fiction. Instead, they write two or three general phrases that do not reveal the peculiarities of the topic and do not demonstrate its deep understanding, after which they move on to a literary example, selected formally, sometimes confirming a completely different idea. 

The answer on how do you write an argumentative essay lies only in the fact that you know about this essay, but you need to know what not to do. Follow the mentioned steps and you will succeed.

Summing up How to Write an Argumentative Essay Step-by-Step

Before you start creating an argumentative essay, you need to master the relevant material properly. When writing an essay of this type, success depends on how fully the author can analyze various aspects of the problem under discussion, leading the reader to an obvious, logical conclusion. Before writing an essay, you should familiarize yourself with the existing points of view on the subject to mention in work opinions that do not coincide with yours.

Be aware of the desired outcomes of the essay. The ultimate goal of an argumentative essay is to convince other people of something by persuading them to their point of view on the issue under discussion.

An argumentative essay defends a particular point of view on any controversial issue. For such an article, a topic on which there is a consensus is not suitable. For example, you are unlikely to write an excellent argumentative essay on exercise’s benefits because this thesis is not objectionable to anyone. It takes a lot of time to prepare, write an essay, so you should choose a topic that will interest you in working on it.

When writing an argumentative essay, it is essential to understand who is it intended for. If you are completing a study assignment, the papers will be read by fellow students, the teacher. Maybe you’re writing for a much wider audience. In any case, to build argumentation more effectively, you should consider the audience. The level of education, profession, and life experience affects how they perceive a point of view that is different from their own.

State your thoughts consistently with your goal in mind. Include only the essential information in your essay. Do not deviate from the topic at hand. Divide the text into sections devoted to the consideration of individual aspects of the problem. An essay can have 4-10 sections, depending on the specific topic. Different points of view should be respected. In support of your opinion, provide dry facts and other information, and don’t stoop to insults to other authors.

Now you know everything about how to write an effective argumentative essay. However, if you have got more questions about writing an argumentative essay, you may contact our specialists. We are ready to help you with any issues. Send us a request “write my argumentative essay” and our staff will write an essay for you, so you will have more time for other tasks. So, go and get it!

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