Privacy Policy is aimed at the complete satisfaction of its customers. Quality communication, services, and support are the priority for the company, as well as privacy rights. If you work with us, we want you to be acknowledged for the data we collect, use and share on our platform. 

The information we collect is gathered for the single purpose is to share more about the products we provide to the target customers. If you decide to join our service, we will kindly ask you to provide the location info, as well as contact information, class, and subject you study. The company may also require some other pieces of request information. 

Minimum Age of the Users 

All the services and products we provide are recommended to use for users who are already 18 years old. It is against our rules to work with the customers who fail to reach the adulthood mark yet. We do not agree to collect, store or use the information from such individuals. 

Privacy Policy Purpose 

If you are going to use our services in the future, we strongly recommend you to read the policies and get acquainted with the main points. It is better to clear the details about the data we collect at the very beginning to get rid of the potential misunderstandings. 

Personal Data Collection 

The data we provide comes directly from the users. It is your consent that allows us to store the data on the website. You can share your data with us via messaging, sending an email, or requesting an order. No third-party tools are used to extract personal details from the accounts of our potential customers. 

Your identification is obtained through the minor actions on the website. Our company needs the information about the users to feel competent and provide the necessary services and products to the target customers. 

Collection and Storage of Non-Identifying Information 

Our company can collect non-identifying data. But the collection process does not require your presence or participation. Thus, you do not get updates on the non-identifying data collection. The information about the gadgets and browsers you use, cookies, and other details do not violate your privacy. This data is collected and could be shared with the third-party partners to improve the communication with the clients and the services provided online. 

We Make Use of Your Data

The privacy of our clients is the biggest priority. This is the reason why we try to optimize and minimize the data collection processes. No personal information is stored without permission from the customer. There are clear reasons why we collect and store the information from the users. First off, it enables the connection with the customers. Compliance with the laws requires us to collect the necessary data from the users. An important reason for personal data collection is the improvement of the services. 

Third-Party Use

We can share information with third parties. These are the partners who act on our behalf. The sharing process is done on purpose. The accepting party receives some parts of the information. We deal with marketing firms, advertisers, payment systems, and email providers. They are legally obliged to store your data safely and use it solely on purpose. Each party is obliged to adhere to the legal agreements. 

Communication with the Clients 

We can inform you about the special offers, purchases, and other offers. It is not a common case. You can receive the message if only it relates to your previous ordering experience. It is your right to unsubscribe from us not to receive the emails. 

You can receive a message from us via email, message, or phone call. If you want to, you can change the communication settings in the configuration sector on the website. If the partners want to email you with the offer, you can opt out of the desired messages from other users in the settings. 

Analytics Tools

Special tools for data analysis help our company to collect and gather relevant data from the customers. Analytics are necessary to understand the behavior of the customers. Analytics tools monitor the time you spend on the website, content you consume, and search for online. The collecting process is needed to improve user experience and interface design. You can check the Cookie Policy because the server is placing permanent cookie files on your device. 

Personal Data Safety 

To carefully store and protect the data of our customers, we choose the best technologies. Security protocols and encryption technologies are used to improve the safety of the website. The information is stored solely to help us understand our customers better. 

We comply with the laws and relevant regulations, adhere to the financial protocols and agreements. If you have any questions, our support team is always ready to help you. 

Other Website Use

On our website, there are links to other pages. If you click on the link and are transferred to another page, you are responsible for the actions and consent on the other websites. Our policy cannot apply to other web pages, even though we share their links on our website. 

Data Access and Control 

When you get an account on the website and place your order, you gain access to the profile information. It is your right to edit the information and request the removal from the storage. It is possible only when the previous order is over. 

Current Policy Changes 

The policy you are currently reading is not the final document. We can change it with prior notice for our customers. The information will be published in a manner we consider to be appropriate for the clients. You can receive an email or see the notification on the website. The amendments are performed within the monthly period to let the users accept the previous changes. 

Support Department 

You can contact our support team if you have any ideas, suggestions, or comments. Our support department is here 24/7 waiting for your feedback.