Cookies Policy

In this document, references to “we,” “our” or “us” (as well as words of similar import) stand for that communicates with you.

Any references to “you” stand for the person who is using or accessing our Website.

All capitalized terms mentioned in the Cookies Policy have the same meaning as analogous ones in terms of Use unless otherwise mentioned.

What Are Cookies?

These are small files that are placed on the computer of website visitors. They help identify visits and saved preferences. Cookies are letters and numbers that are sent from our service to your electronic device when you visit a website.

 These files remember your preferences each time you use it. For example, they allow you not to enter your username and password every time. They also save the products that you ordered or that you were interested in earlier.

 By using the Website, you agree to our use of cookies. You can disable their installation and read on your device, but remember that they play an important role in defining some of the features. We cannot fully guarantee that will work properly when cookies are disabled.

More information about the cookies we use on this Website

There are two types of cookies:

  1. Permanent. They save your preferences and are stored between browser sessions.
  2. Session. They temporarily store information and are deleted as soon as you close the tab. These files are used to guarantee the security of online banking and are important in the operation of e-mail. uses cookies:

  • In the order form. Remember that without cookies, you cannot place your order.
  • To save your username and password.
  • For 24/7 chat support.
  • To track your activity through Google Analytics.

Cookie Table: cookies used on the

How to block or delete cookies

You can block or delete cookies at any time. But please note that we are using them to improve the usability of our web pages. For this reason, if you disable these files, we cannot guarantee you the correct operation of the Website.

Google Analytics helps us analyze the behavior of different users and their interactions with our website. This information is generated in a cookie and then sent to Google tools. This is how we analyze customer interactions and create statistical reports to understand their activity on the site.

If you want to stop Google Analytics from tracking your activities online, visit this website

In any case, doesn’t acquire information that can be personally identified with cookies.