Terms Of Use

1. Interpretation of the Terms

1.1 The Agreement refers to this Terms and Conditions document.

1.2 Terms – Company – refers to WriteMyEssayPaper, a provider of academic writing services for students and other clients.

1.3 Terms – Customer – refers to the person or persons who place orders on the company’s website and comply with the Terms described in this Agreement document.

1.4 A messaging system is a software tool that provides continuous communication between the Customer and the Author or with the Customer Support Manager.

1.5 An order is an actual application for the Company’s Services, confirmed by the Client. It includes specific requirements and specification of sources that are used in papers.

1.6. The Services are the result of the Order. The original part is written and delivered to the Client following the requirements of one in the form of a digital document.

1.7 Revision of the Services is a Client’s request to revise the text, make changes, and create the final version of the Service, based on the original requirements of the Order.

1.8 Support personnel – the structural department of the Company, responsible for organizing the process of fulfilling the Order, coordinating, and supporting it.

1.9 An author is a person hired by the Company as a freelancer. He or she provides services to the Client (e.g., research, writing, editing) following the Agreement with the Company.

1.10 The Personal Credit Balance term stands for the personal financial account of the Client with the Company, which stores the Client’s Credits added to the personal balance of one. They will be used to offset the cost of orders of his / her choice

1.11 The term “Affiliate Program” refers to a special series of events aimed at supporting the loyalty of the Company’s existing customers.

2. Registration and order confirmation

2.1. The Client can place an Order on the Company’s website on his own by filling out the appropriate form. Another option is to contact support for assistance with this step.

2.2. In the order form, the Client indicates the scope of work, parameters, and delivery times. The client is fully responsible for providing accurate, complete, and final data in the order form or to the Company’s client managers who will confirm the order on his / her behalf.

2.3. In addition to providing requirements for the Order, the Client must register on the Company’s website. To do this, one indicates his data: name, e-mail address, country of residence, phone number. If any contact details change over time, the Customer is obliged to make changes to the profile or inform the client manager about the need to make changes.

2.4. After registering the Client’s profile on the website based on the data provided, the Client should not create another profile with different credentials to create another Order. All communication between the Client and the Company should be carried out exclusively through one profile that was created when placing the First Order. If the Client registers several profiles, the Company has the right to combine them all in one account to save and update the purchase history.

3. Payment for the order

3.1 The Service Fee is calculated by the Company’s price list and must be paid in advance. The Company starts processing the Order only after the payment for the Service is made and authorized.

3.2 The Client has the opportunity to pay for the Service in installments only if the following conditions are met:

  • Order price exceeds $ 500
  • The client pays the first part of the payment immediately after receiving the payment link.
  • The Author’s delivery schedule is strictly tied to the payment schedule. This means that the Client will receive the part of the Service for which the payment was made. The full paper will be provided only after full payment of the Order has proceeded.

* Representatives of the company may refuse the Client an installment plan if the split of the payment could interfere with the successful completion of the Order

** If one of the payments was not made within the specified time frame, the Company has the right to temporarily delay the Order until the Client pays the required amount.

3.3. The Client can pay for the order using a bank card, PayPal, bank transfer (in this case, the transfer will take from 3 to 14 working days) and/or using the credit balance in the Client’s account.

3.4 All payments to the Company are made using the PayPal platform. For the Client, this means that he or she needs to go through a PayPal check-from to pay for the Service; To pay for the Service using a bank card, you must also fill out the PayPal form. This does not mean the registration of the Client on PayPal and the creation of a permanent account. These actions are used exclusively for a one-time transaction.

3.5 If any problems occur during the processing of PayPal’s payment whether they are technical or procedural, the Company doesn’t take responsibility for them. It goes about such examples:

  • Payment requiring additional investigation and verification by PayPal.
  • Payment is made using an electronic check, which needs up to 10 days to arrive.
  • Technical problems with the client’s bank or PayPal platform.

If the transaction is unsuccessful, the Client must verify the positive balance of his card, the expiration date, and restrictions on online purchases before contacting the Company’s support.

4. System of discounts

4.1. The Company undertakes to provide all Clients with the same opportunities to receive discounts within the framework of promotions and loyalty programs.

4.2. The promotional code for obtaining a discount is valid only for Orders, the amount of which exceeds $ 25.

4.3. You can use the Promo Code to get a discount by typing the Promo Code in the “Discount Code” field. If the Client has not indicated the Promo Code in the appropriate section, the discount is not provided.

4.4. Each Client can use the “First Discount” only once.

4.5. Only one discount per order. Several promotions/discounts cannot be used in one order.

5. The personal credit balance 

5.1. The personal credit balance of the client is a payment method that can be used in the system. The credit balance is created by keeping money in the Client’s account in his / her account. This amount will apply to future Orders.

5.2. One credit costs $ 1.

5.3. Money can be credited to the Credit Balance only after the Client’s consent. The amount saved on the balance can be paid for future Orders at the particular Website and is not refundable.

6. Ordering process

6.1. Confirmation of order. After receiving payment, the company reserves the right to re-check the details of the Order to confirm compliance with the requirements provided by the Client when filling out the form and through other communication channels. If inconsistencies are found, the client manager will contact the client to clarify the details.

6.2. Order volume. The unit of measurement of the Order volume is words only. By company standards, 1 double-spaced page is 275 words, and 1 single-spaced page is 550 words.

6.3. Changes to the order details. The client can provide new data regarding the volume of the Order and other details by contacting the client manager. If these changes affect the volume, urgency, or complexity of the Order, the amount of payment may increase, which will be discussed with the Client.

6.4. If specific sources are required to execute the Order successfully, the Client is responsible for their provision to the Author. He or she must download all sources before an Author is assigned to the Order. If the Client does not provide up-to-date delivery of sources, this may affect the lead time.

6.5. Communication. The Client can keep in touch with his Author using the chat system on the website. It works similarly to email but is more secure for clients to use. Customers can also use the telephone, email, and 24/7 customer support for communication.

6.6. Tracking the execution of the Order. The client can track the progress of the Order in his account. Besides, he or she may receive updates by contacting the Author or Client Manager through one of the above communication channels.

6.7. Order delivery. The company is responsible for meeting deadlines. If the task is so difficult that its completion requires additional time, the Client Manager will contact the Client. The finished paper can be downloaded in your account, and timely loading is the responsibility of the Client. The company does not assume responsibility for technical problems on the part of the Client that prevented the timely download of the completed order.

7. Order Revision

7.1 If the completed Order does not meet the expectations of the Client, he or she has the right to make changes free of charge within 2 weeks after delivery of the Order. If the Revision is needed after 14 days, the Client can pay for this Service, depending on the complexity of the Revision.

7.2. To send a revision request, the Client can use the form “Feedback” or “Do you need any improvements?” in your account.

7.3. A free revision can only be provided if the original instructions and the revision instructions are the same. If the new instructions contradict the original instructions of the Order, the Company has the right to demand additional payment for the Audit.

7.4. The deadline for revisions cannot be earlier than the original deadline specified by the Client.

8. Use of the Service

8.1. Orders created by WriteMyEssayPaper.com are not intended to be sent as Clients’ 

own work. The main purpose of the Service is to use paper as a reference or sample to create your one.

8.2. The company takes all copyright laws responsibly and strictly adheres to them. In the event of any contrary actions, the Client is responsible for this if he or she violates the Terms and Conditions of the Company.

9. Affiliate program

9.1. All registered customers have the opportunity to participate in the Company’s Partner Program. It involves getting credit for your balance for referring friends who place their orders. More detailed information about the Affiliate Program is available in the Client’s Account.

10. Additional provisions

10.1. This Agreement contains all the Terms and Conditions that define the rights of the Client and the Company as well as their obligations. Only this document and all of its statements and intentions can be considered current or binding. Upon acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, it replaces all previous agreements between the Company and the Client.

10.2. The client agrees that if any part of the Terms conflicts with the laws of a particular state, this does not affect other parts of the document. The rights and obligations of the Client remain valid for all other terms of the document.

10.3. This Agreement is governed by the laws of the country where the Company’s main business is located, namely Cyprus (CY).

11. Limitation of Liability

By agreeing to the above Terms and Conditions of this agreement, the Client agrees to release and not hold

The Company, its employees, officers, any suppliers or sources of information, all Affiliates of the company, responsible for all losses, rights, claims, and actions of any kind arising in connection with the Services, including:

  • electronic, telephone, software or hardware, Internet, computer malfunctions, e-mail;
  • failed, distorted, incomplete computer transmissions or delayed ones;
  • any condition that could result in product damage, delay, or failure caused by events beyond the control of the Company.
  • losses of any kind that arise when using the services
  • any typos in various materials related to the service.

The overall list is not limited to these aspects.

12. Dissertation services

  1. When placing an Order for a dissertation project, the Client must indicate a specific completion date for the order to be processed correctly. The deadline cannot exceed 8 months from the date of order confirmation.
  2. If the dissertation paper is to be submitted by chapters, the Client must indicate the time frame for each of the chapters. 
  3. If the dissertation paper is to be submitted by chapters, they are provided one by one after the Client confirms the previous chapter. The author cannot continue to fulfill the order without receiving confirmation of one’s work.

13. Amendments

Clients agree that the Company may amend its Terms and Conditions. They are strongly encouraged to review these pages from time to time to detect changes.