Instructions On How To Write An Essay Conclusion

Essay Conclusion Recommendations

The conclusion in the essay is the final part of the whole work. Like the introduction, the essay’s conclusion should organically connect with the central part of the work, be the logical conclusion of all discussions about the topiс, the author’s problems. Once again, a correctly written conclusion draws the expert’s attention to the essay’s essential thing. All students need to know how to write an essay conclusion.

The conclusion is a logically complete thought expressed in the introduction, which results from reasoning the original text’s topics and problems. You can ethically object to the author or agree with the thoughts without considering his opinion.

The task of the conclusion: to logically complete the essay, draw a conclusion from all the reflections written in the text of the paper, summarize, if necessary. The correct ratio of parts ensures the integrity of the text of the essay. In the introduction, the conclusion should be no more than 1/8 of the entire paper’s volume. Schematically, the composition should look like a circle, that is, it should be closed. Scope of the conclusion: 1 – 3 sentences.

The introduction and conclusion should be written in the same style while corresponding to the same topic. It often happens that the conclusion does not correspond to the abstract topic; all the student’s efforts are in vain. At best, only the name will have to be changed in work; at worst, it should be rewritten anew.

The conclusion should not contain spelling, lexical, punctuation mistakes that are striking spoil the positive impression of what you read — advice to all students: to proofread their work with high quality before submitting it for review.

Suppose the conclusion is drawn up briefly, written in competent language with the use of terms. In that case, it will only emphasize the high level of preparation, in-depth knowledge of the student’s topic. Such work will be highly appreciated; the teacher will take the author into his note of text. In conclusion, there must be a couple of short sentences about the prospects for a given topic. This is the main conclusion of the compositions, which should not be overlooked!

Simple Rules on How to Do a Conclusion in an Essay

Every diligent student can write a high-quality conclusion, if, of course, he sets a goal, follows the simple rules below. Learn good ways to start a conclusion:

Rule one. Read the central part of the essay, then retell it, not just informative theses. These concise phrases are recommended to be briefly written down in draft since they will later become the conclusion’s content. This is one of the instructions on how to conclude an essay.

The second rule. It is not necessary to describe the essay; the main thing is to start not from the text structure, but the given topic, the set goal in the introduction. Are you wondering how do you start a conclusion paragraph? The answer is simple – you should correctly submit information and, in no case, repeat it.

Third rule. There may be several conclusions on the essay, but in the end, the conclusion should be integral, written in the same style – scientific, journalistic. If there are several conclusions on the work’s content, topic, then one should smoothly flow into the other while not losing the meaning of the story.

Rule four. In conclusion, you do not need to use bulleted, numbered lists. Even if a listing is required, it is recommended to arrange it with a complex sentence, but not overload them with colorful epithets, numerous commas. In conclusion, brief explanations will certainly not be superfluous; they will only concisely complete the story.

The fifth rule. If necessary, in conclusion, you can use the terminology, but only that was mentioned in the main body. Do not indicate any part of the work, because the whole concept and idea that the readers must understand is the essential part.

And the last thing: it is better to write the conclusion on a draft; if you are not sure of it, give it to the teacher for checking, he will indicate errors, and you will have the opportunity to redo the text before delivery.

A competent teacher will immediately identify the necessary places and cross out the “water,” some sentences will offer to paraphrase, replace, and supplement. After such a quality check, it will be much easier to draw up a final version of the work. Let’s take a look at a few essays conclusion examples:

  1. In the life of any person, a moment may come when he will be ready to sacrifice his own life for the sake of protecting relatives, friends, for the sake of protecting the Fatherland. “There is always a place for the feat in life!”
  2. The homeland is significant for a person with its history of past times, glorious ancestors. The motherland is based on every person’s existence, his home; this is the great Russian people with its expressive language, rich culture. I fully agree with the author that “each of us is responsible for our Motherland.”

Ideas on How to Finish an Essay

Now, when you know the idea of conclusion, let’s talk about its types and options. There are several of them; they depend on the topic, purpose, content of the work. Techniques for how to finish an essay:


The most common, the easiest way to complete an essay, but not always the most actionable. The teachers are already a little tired of quotes from great people. It would help if you either tried with the choice of a suitable quote, refuse it altogether.

A rhetorical question

Although rhetorical questions do not require an answer, they involve an invisible dialogue with the reader. After the question, your present perspective, the reader can agree, disagree with it. And mentally argue. Cliche phrases for concluding an essay with a rhetorical question:

  • How not to love art?
  • Aren’t they happy?
  • Isn’t life beautiful?

Summarizing the author’s position

An excellent way to outline the main idea of ​​the work. Make sure that the summary does not turn into a retelling. Be brief, generalize. The goal is to bring the reader to a new level of thinking on a given topic.

An expression of hope

Literally. An optimistic ending is better than a negative one. Leave the reader with good feelings (this also applies to the teacher). So write: I want to believe that… Be sure to connect hope with the previous text.

Call to action

The most effective way if you want to get the reader to take action. It is essential to do this convincingly, skillfully play on the emotions of the reader.


Essay ring composition is quite common. This is easy to explain: you know exactly how to start, end the text. A question related to the introduction will help you complete the work.

Open final

One of the funniest ways to complete an essay. And the riskiest. Using it, you must be sure that the article’s main body is almost perfect, will not raise any teacher’s doubts, questions. If you succeeded, you could safely leave the reader with the ending invented by him.

The choice of reception for the conclusion depends on the work’s complexity, the nature of the work’s content. Also, the choice of the technique depends on the author’s possession of the technology of performing these types of completion of his research.

The construction of conclusions depends on the selected type. Use the plan on how to build the output:

  1. Prove that you have achieved the goal, have come to a solution to the problem that you described in the main text.
  2. Use a hypothesis that proves your opinion.
  3. Summarize everything that was said earlier in the text.
  4. Indicate what new results you received while researching the topic.
  5. Prove that your work deserves attention.

Finally, use the phrases:

  • summing up, it can be argued;
  • a conclusion can be drawn from the research results;
  • summing up the results of research and analysis, we can note;
  • we concluded;
  • in summary, we can say;
  • based on the above, we can conclude.

Did you get everything about the essay’s conclusion? If no, you may ask more in comments. Finally, place an order if you aren’t sure about your skills to finish an essay. Write My Essay Paper experts will analyze your papers and help with the conclusion.

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